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There are many reasons for wanting to un-root your Android phone. If you've bought a phone from a friend or online and it came rooted, you may want to revert to stock, or if you're having problems and want to avoid breaching your warranty requirements, you'll want to the device back to its factory settings and systems.

Maybe you just changed your mind about waiting for Jelly Bean to really hit your S3. As with all things root-related, make sure to back up your Galaxy S3 before proceeding. You may want to download the stock firmware and the free Triangle Away app or paid version before proceeding with the un-rooting process. Triangle Away allows you to restore your flash counter to zero, in order to avoid losing your warranty flashing your device voids the warranty. Initialising connection… Detecting device… Claiming interface… Error: Claiming interface failed! Yea… I gave up on doing on OSX and boot camped into windows and tried the windows way… Worked like a gem….

I am italian i tried 2 do it but after that the process ends well and i try 2 reboot into!!! Max, thanks for putting this all together.

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Very good instruction for root with MAC. Thanks to Max. I was going until step 14 successfully. E: signature verification failed Then the installation process stops…so close to end. Can you help? I am using your method on a PC.

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  5. Hi Max, you did such a good video manual for rooting and also most of your questions have been answered. Any hint how we can overcome this last hurdle? Please use version 1. Do u know if this will work for sprint SPH-L model? And can u help with any info to rboot this model. Please tell me one thing… there is SuperSU app in my S3 but there are no apps configured how to configure them?? You need to download rooted apps.

    I got another app which is 4shared downloader, I got some apps from there… Someone told me that now I can have advanced tweaks also in my galaxy S3… is there any app or site for these?? Flashed successfully then got stock recovery instead of clockworkmod several times.

    Top 6 Samsung Root Apps to Root Samsung Without PC

    Tried on Windows and it worked first time. Thanks Max for the tutorial. I am almost through with my rooting but stuck at step What to do? I tried re doing it but i am not sure why i am not getting this option. Rebooted it again but still not showing install from sd card. Do you think this might be the reason? I want to flash a ROM but need a backup first. SamsungComposite not found for unload request. Am having the same issue kernel Kext com. SamsungACMData not found for unload request.

    No pit partition error in odin

    Rooting worked fined on my GS3. OK, so the pit file runs smoothly and the S3 reboots automatically. It worked perfectly, I have not put any rom, I left the samsung. My question is, just leave the update of samsung but when applied has failed.

    No need to upgrade? You will need to unroot to get the updates. I will post another easier method though for update soon. No will not work but I will post root method soon. I figured.

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    7. And boot into Recovery right away. Newer ICS 4. It did not work for me. I started to boot, then I pushed on the buttons.


      How to Unroot a Samsung Galaxy S3 (with Pictures) - wikiHow

      So, I should not allow the device to be even close to normal boot after battery removing? Thanks, Max. Now i see CWM-based Recovery v5. Thx Max! That advice worked great for me!! Thanks Justin. Will this root method work for the verizon version of the gs3? Thanks in advance! Has that been squared away? Best of luck!

      I installed the recovery and immediately pull the batt as i have the newer software installed. Phone rebooted and the recovery was overwritten. Is there a permanent way to have the CWM recovery in phones having the newer software?? W:Unable to get recovery.

      How to Unroot Galaxy Nexus [Verizon/Sprint] [CDMA] [Mac]

      No this does not, for Sprint, I suggest you use Windows, heimdall does not support U. So I used Odin3 on my windows to install the ClockWorkmod on my phone. What should I do? Any suggestions? You are in stock recovery, the newer software version overwrite the stock recovery. So I need to install the clockworkmod on my phone again using Odin3?

      Thanks so much, your the best! Reboot into CWM Recovery using the buttons and it should work fine. If the description is still relevant? Any ideas? I am unable to find odin in mac? Do i need to do it using a windows pc? The only ptoblem i m facing is that m not getting the clockworkmod recovery as it appears in the video because i had gone for an update earlier.

      Part 2: Root Samsung With dr.fone - Root (Free)

      HI, Max , i was migrate from iphone after using it for 3 years , And have successfully rooted my sgs3 using mac and your instruction above in first attempt.. I have one problem though, I have received an OTA update today, and, after downloading, the device reboots in ClockworkMod giving errors, instead of actually updating itself. So, what I wanted to ask is this sorry for my little experience, this was my first rooting, ever :. The reason I rooted my phone is to have total control of filesystem and install Linux on it so I can add BT mouse, BT keyboard, video out, and transform it into a full computer.

      And also there are a many droid apps and scripts I like, that either require root access or a command line. Other than that I am satisfied with stock ROMs for now! This is just my opinion of course.. So, have I understood the process exactly? In my opinion this is still safer, because you flash only the recovery partition, over and over with the same trusted image, you do not flash the main OS with new and different ROMs of untrusted sources every time. If someone wants to take control of thousands of devices at one time, publishing a hacked ROM, you are safe.

      If a broken ROM starts circulating on the web, you are safe. And still root. What do I flash inside the recovery partition? Yes it is possible, you need to unroot then take OTA. Yes, if you have custome rom with ato Latest firmware upgread xxlfb.. The only reson i want that in my rooted phone is , i like nnew keyboard and As per my friend noticed it has improved battry lifeto his phone.

      I have gone through many other vebsite where i could find, The way but that all can.