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Phoen heard that they bought some 10 giant barbs last year alone. While some Cambodians who ensnare giant fish may be scrupulous and superstitious, others are more interested in profit—or are motivated by desperation—and with millions of nets cast in the Mekong each day, the fish run a constant risk of being caught and sold off illegally. El Sokrey, a fisherman in Chong Koh Chrog Changvar, a Mekong houseboat community near Phnom Penh, epitomizes the circumstances that may drive Cambodian fishermen to break with tradition and law by contacting a Vietnamese trader if they find a giant fish in their net.

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Sokrey said his catch of smaller river fish has declined steadily since , which has had a devastating effect on his family. He used to earn more than enough through fishing to support his wife and youngest daughter and to pay for new nets and boat repairs. Michelia cavaleriei 5. Cephalotaxus manii 6. Amentotaxus oliver 7.

Magliatia fordiana 8. Aquylaria crassna Pierre 9. Cincotta, R.

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Nature's place: Population Action International. It seems that Presenter is not Mac. Create, edit and publish rich, interactive HD videos in just 3 steps. Capture anything on your screen or your webcam feed, or bring in videos from your tablet,. Save money and effort while you create and mix interactive videos. We probably experienced those same emotions too but just didn't share them with the same brave honesty he did. He was always so honest and genuine with who he was and I will always remember and celebrate that authenticity; he was never afraid to be himself.

He brought such warmth and happiness to the world and I'm honestly heartbroken to hear about his passing. My love goes out to his close friends and family; the world truly lost a bright light. He will be dearly missed. Dear Vuong, I regret we didnt meet this year when we were in California, thinking we will meet next time but life taught me a lesson.

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I still remenber the time we met in Vietnam. We had so much fun when ong was taking a nap we went out on the street, buying some sugar cane juice and were wandering around, you were my little translator. And I will never forget that you teached me what a knuckle sandwich is! I will never forget these days! Rest in peace Vuong!

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Love Linh. May holy Mary, the angels and all the saints welcome you now that you have gone forth from this life. Hi, Vuong, I don't think we got the chance to see each other past when we were kids, but I still have great memories of going to Disneyland and spending Christmas in Cali with you and the family. I remember you had sparring swords in your room and you got yelled at for teaching me how to fight with them. You were such a trouble maker who never failed to make me laugh, and I admire you for that.

We love you, and we miss you. Dear Anh Vuong, you passed away too early, you left our place so unexpected, that I never had the chance to ask you for your dreams, your desires and who you really are except for my dear cousin. I feel regret not having spend more time with you. Rest In Peace. Until our next meeting. Even I never had a chance to meet Vincent, I am shattered receiving the news.

With such a long time in knowing the Hoang family, I feel Vincent as my own kid. It hurts me much. Vincent, we always love you and you are staying in our heart for ever. My dear Anh Vuong, I have no words, but only regrets.

It's been ages, since we last saw each other. I missed many opportunities to visit you. Always thinking, there will be another time. Now, the time we shared passed by and I am so sad. I remember you hosting us in Cali, so joyful, so helpful, and never out of energy. I remeber you visiting us with your sister. You were so strong and self confident for your age. I wonder, what a wonderful man you became! I can only get a glimpse from other memories of you.

I will forever regret not beeing part of your life, while I had the chance to. You went ahead, returning to the earth which bore us. At some point, we will reunite. Dear Vincent; I remember your smile and your kindness to my little son, Isaac. I remember how full of life you were. I remember you telling me how much you love the ocean. Rest in peace my friend. May God make your next journey easy. Ich bleibe, wer ich bin, und auch ihr bleibt dieselben.

Was wir einander bedeuten, bleibt bestehen. Wenn ihr von mir sprecht, tut es ohne Reue und ohne Bitterkeit. Ihr seht mich nicht mehr, aber in euren Gedanken bin ich bei euch. Unser herzliches Beileid. It's a shame that we haven't seen each other in a long time.

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I remember you as a boy full of life and energy. I am sad that our son will never meet you. You would have shown him all the fun places. Rest in peace, Vincent. Vincent, I always have a soft spot in my heart for you.

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Missing your smile, your adventurous spirit, your love for the outdoors and the ocean. Remember the time you, your dad and your buddy visiting my cabin and you tried to make a snow bunny for me. It was so sweet! So glad I get to know you and shared some happy memories with you throughout the years. Rest In Peace my dear one.