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Click here to learn more. You can also customize a specific profile to meet your needs. Click the "Options" button on the main interface. In the "General" tab, you can specify the folder for the output file. Free download Video to iPhone Converter or. You can even use an existing icon as the image source by copying it from the relevant inspector.

How to Design iPhone Themes

Want to swap out the default app icons in the Applications folder for custom ones? You can, except for the apps that come bundled with your Mac. But you can use the icons of system apps as sources for third-party apps. For example, you can replace the icon for your music player app with the system icon for iTunes.

To personalize the login screen on your Mac, start by switching to a new user picture for your account. Hit Save to get the selected picture in place.

How to use Dark Mode on iPhone in iOS 13

Next, you might want to come up with an entertaining lock screen message. There, first select the checkbox for Show a message when the screen is locked. This gives you access to the lock screen message setting. Next, click on the Set Lock Message button, type in what you want the lock screen to say, and hit OK. Then, drag your favorite apps to the Dock from the Applications folder. You can also reposition the Dock, resize its icons, and set them to magnify to various degrees on hover. Of course, instead of fiddling with the Dock, you could replace it with a third-party app like uBar or DockShelf.

Play around with the built-in settings for installed apps to add more personal touches to your Mac. For example, if you have the Slack desktop app installed, you can brighten up the Slack sidebar with a new theme. Select one of the themes available in the sidebar and click on Default at the bottom of the sidebar to set your choice as the default theme. Here's how to make every app and website on your Mac dark.

Read More? How about adding a few audio tweaks too? As you can see above, with a little thought, time, and effort, you can make your Mac desktop truly yours.

Try these nifty Mac Dashboard widgets to add useful functionality!