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However, this didn't create any fallout so two thumbs up! I wasn't expecting to like this one but it turned out to be my favorite for a smokey look, like the one I demo-ed below.

Insomnia is a dark chocolate duo-chrome with blue teal reflects. I love the effect that this one gives because it reminds me of how the sun reflects off on a lake or ocean.

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I do however, have the Wet N Wild Comfort Zone Palette and the definer shade in the lower right corner is quite similar. Insomnia has less red and more of a turquoise reflect than the Wet N Wild's aqua reflect. The best way to make this shadow pop is to use it over my bare lid.

When I use primer, it doesn't seem as pigmented so I like to layer a dark brown base underneath to enhance the color but also reap the benefit of eye primers. This is perfect for one shadow looks as it can be sheered out into the crease as the transition color too. Currently, there's 14 colors in the range. Some of the lighter ones can also be used for highlight so you can get more uses out of your pigment. I had an idea to mix and match pigments to create my own custom colors but I'll let you know how that experiment works out!

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I highly recommend these Makeup Geek Pigments! They are long lasting even without a primer on my oily lids but eye primer will help them last even longer.

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Price is very affordable and quality is amazing. Have you tried MUG products? I'm excited for new product releases, especially her new lip products! Newer Post Older Post.

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It shifts from copper to bronze to almost black and then from gold to green with a hint of blue. That being said. Do you need both? Absolutely not. Otherwise definitely not. I can do a post comparing the two at some point if you guys. AFK is a deep aubergine. H4X is a rose color with a hint of copper.

I think that you need all four of these. This is it guys! The last set of glitters that I have to show you!

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The glitters are beautiful and the names crack me up. Most of them are from video games, btw. Okay soooooo top recommendations….

Like Like. I know the feeling!! And yes, I only use them on my eyes. Occasional Lurker. Makeup enthusiast. Lover of the smokey eye. I've been wanting satin taupe, but I just don't have to dough for it. I'll try this one instead Please consider supporting Specktra with a membership subscription! Forum questions? MAC heatherette trio 1 Moodring And I don't think Golden Olive looks like Springleaf either.

Makeup Geek Pigment Review - Utopia & Insomnia

Maybe it's just me. Can't wait to try these out. It would be awesome if we could get a swatch comparison thread going to really see. Seeing is believing! Do you know a baby that would love them, too? Space is more shimmery, since PP is a Matte2, but in colour they are fairly close. I've been meaning to do some swatches but my camera died and I haven't been able to get a new one yet.

In my defense, shortly after I signed up, we moved across the country. Now that we're settled, I'm definitely going to order. The long lash one has those fibers in it that I don't like. My lashes are long, just not thick, so I love the volume one. I'm definitely going to be stocking up on the shadows and pearl piggies as soon as I can. They just go to department stores.