Mac power pack not working

Disclaimer: This article contains an affiliate link. That means I get a small commission for whatever you may order, while the price remains the same for you. If you find this article or website helpful, using the link helps me back. As a bike tourer who prefers wild camping off the grid, I need a good solution for powering my electronics.

How to Fix a Keyboard Not Working on Mac

Lots of methods are fine for phones and other USB devices, but a laptop - especially a Mac - is more challenging. I couldn't do photography and blogging properly without some extra equipment with me. Besides the obvious DSLR, a laptop is also necessary for storing and processing my images. I prefer a MacBook Air for its excellent battery life, light weight and reliability.

Ensure It Has Power

Right away it was clear that a dynamo would never be enough for me. I just don't cycle enough per day, and may stop to camp and take photos for several days or even a week. So it couldn't power anything when I need it the most. I didn't even bother finding out if there was an option available that could somehow supply power for the MacBook. Solar panels were my main choice for a while. I've used a couple small ones before, and although those weren't very good, the technology has come a long way.

Plus solar has a "cool factor", which is very tempting. What kind of environmentally aware nomad wouldn't want to harness the green power of the sun? While that probably would've worked, and been a true off-the-grid solution, there are many downsides. Also refilling the battery takes a long time, and I'd have to constantly adjust the panels to be facing the sun.

Ultimately not an ideal solution. Finally I turned to power banks. After plenty of googling, I found the best one to be the Maxoak mAh K3 version.

What to Do if Your Laptop Is Plugged In But Not Charging |

Compared to the solar option, it's much cheaper, smaller, half the weight, holds 4x as much power and doesn't require daylight, good weather, or frequent care. The only downside is I do need to plug it into a wall outlet. The device has one And the package comes with a small pouch for storage. It takes about six hours to charge from zero, which is a bit of a wait, but still pretty good considering the huge capacity. For me in practice, that would mean either charging overnight at a camping ground in the odd case that I stay in one , or doing smaller refills as needed.

So how much is mAh? Tried everything in the article. Thanks soooo much!! I didnt get you. When to unplug and when are we supossed to plug it in again? Help me pls :. Thanks very much guys — this is great — it worked first time nothing ever works first time for me I am so happy :. None of the tricks noted above are working. I have switched out adapter for cord, still not working. My port adapter lights up green for about seconds after leaving out of computer for 5 minutes or so- then quickly goes off.

Troubleshooting Power Problems

What next? Mine does the same. Leave it unplugged for 10 mins and when i plug it back in it lights up for 10 seconds and light goes out again. I was with you until you said a failing MagSafe is a rare occurrence. I repair them for a living, which means cutting them and re-soldering the internal frayed connection. I have tried all these and its still not working. The charger socket on my computer is dented. Is that the problem? Do I have to get that fixed at a computer shop for it to charge again? I tried this and it did nothing.

Tried it again and it worked. Anyway, thank you very much for this!

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Thank you soo much!! None of those things worked for my MacbookAir. I still have a green light lit on the charger and the Macbook Air will not come on. I tried all the tricks suggested but nothing worked.

I then went to borrow a cord from a friend and it was charging fine, so I thought it must be my MagSafe. However, when I got home and plugged in it was working fine. Maybe the leaving for mins worked but I was unaware because I took it away and came back, and the MagSafe did sort itself out as indicated. Will see next if this is the case. Worked for me, too! Almost fell in hopelessness already.

Unplugged from walk and disconnected charger from computer for about min. Plugged everything back in and orange light came on!! Quickest fix ever! Who knew a little debris could mess up the connection that bad? Thank you for the simple yet effective advice! If the wire ever starts to break apparently this is common with apple cords, you can use a simple repair kit to fix the cable.

Check the Hardware

Cleaned the port, tried a different connector adaptor, different outlet, and switched outlets — still not working. What if my battery is completely dead. And I only have the icon on the black screen indicating a low bat and icon to charge battery…. It was the debris btw, I was scared to dungus reading all the bs about hardware malfunction and heating up the charger… phew, dodged a bullet there. Appreciate it bruh, a real lifesaver :. Heating the tip with a blow dryer works!!!! Same problem for me, but a different solution….