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Let me know what you think! Keep a close eye on it, but it might need to cook slightly longer to get the thicker consistency. The problem was the cheese was melty instead of liquidy. Like pizza cheese. So to fix my preg craving I had the boxed kind yesterday I really want to get this right lol any ideas? I made this and it was very delicious but it was stringy. Did I over heat the cheese do you think? I just used a freshly grated cheddar.

Hi Jane! That is likely. The timing of this is pretty picky to make sure you get the creamy consistency. Mine turns out stringy every time and i am following your recipe exactly. Yeah I used heavy cream and I set the timer for one minute once it started to boil. It takes a bit for it to start boiling even though I use the same pan. I just used regular cheddar since we only have one variety here in Europe.

Could it be the cheese? Made this for the first time tonight after seeing your instagram post — made with broccoli and cauliflower in the same proportion as you recommended for broccoli alone. Was brilliant! Thank you!! I used half and half instead of heavy cream. I had to continue adding half and half from the carton while continuing to stir to unlock the sauce. In all I would say I used nearly an entire cup of half and half to properly coat the shells and get it to the creamy consistency I felt was acceptable.

Flavor was really good though otherwise.

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It took me several times to get this recipe just right. The ratio with the heavy cream is really important along with the cook time to get the sauce just right. I added broccolli at the end with a little bit of sriracha sauce delicious!! These look absolutely delicious! You have amazing food photography too :] Thank You So Much for this awesome sharing!

I have long searched for the perfect creamy stove top Mac and Cheese. This one is perfect! So easy to make and I play around with the spices depending on my mood. I have ground mustard…is that the same as mustard powder? Be sure to use the spices as they really compliment this dish. Also, take the advice re measuring by weight not volume as the pasta shape makes a difference. This will be a regular at our home. Great Recipe!! I make this exactly as described but with Gluten Free noodles and it is always awesome!

Thank you so much. So glad I found this recipe! And used chili powder, and added bacon once the cheese was melted. Person preference on my end, but the heavy cream and cheese was the perfect way to make gooey mac and cheese — which is exactly what I was looking for!

20-Minute Stovetop White Cheddar Mac and Cheese

Thank you for the gluten-free option. What can I substitute for heavy cream to make it dairy-free? Hi Joline! I just cooked this and it was amazing!

I made this according to your instructions but its a Nope for me. Nothing like the blue box mac and cheese. This was too bland and a bit gooey. I made this dish and I really enjoyed it. The only downside was that the cream required was way off. The first time I made this, it ended up looking more like natto Japanese soybean dish rather than a creamy cover of cheese sauce. I wonder party whether that was because I used only double cream which is the UK equivalent and is a bit heavier than heavy cream but even after I added more it still ended up way too stringy and more just like cheese on macaroni.

Tasted amazing I used the same cheeses as last time but a bit more mature and was much closer to the texture I was expecting. All in all a great recipe, but I really think the amount of cream needs adjusting at least, it did for me. Thank you for sharing your recipe!

Sharp Cheddar Mac and Cheese Recipe:

Made this for dinnrt this evening. Too delicious!! Even my two pickey grandkids want it again tomorrow!! And SO easy. Thank you very much. I have tried many of your recipes and loved them and had great success with them.

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In fact, Cookie and Kate is the first recipe blog I check when looking for a new recipe. But my Mac and cheese was very sticky. I used half and half rather than cream. Was yours sticky? Do you have any other suggestions for what I might have done wrong? Maybe the type of cheese? Is the cream the only thing you changed? Hi Kate, thanks for getting back to me so quickly.


Easy Ultra Creamy Mac and Cheese

I will try it again with cream. Hi there, I have a few questions. How important is it to use cream or half and half, as opposed to whole milk? Also, do you keep the heat on high after the one minute timer goes off, and all the cheese is added? I knew it was risky to divert from the cream, but the recipe looked so good I had to try it right away and only had milk on hand.

Easy Macaroni And Cheese

Any suggestions as to where I went wrong would be much appreciated, since this looks like a great method, and the flavor was yummy. You will want to use cream here to make sure it turns out thick and cheesy. Once the minute is up, add all of the cheese and spices.

Stir until the cheese has fully melted to produce a creamy sauce.

Add the pasta, stir until the pasta is evenly coated in cheese sauce, and remove the pot from the heat once pasta is incorporated. Loved this! I only had sour cream in the fridge and that worked well instead of normal cream.