Cd player for mac mini

Apple is pushing everyone to download apps and software from the Apple store, including its operating system.

Option 2: Use Remote Disc Sharing

At first, folks complained that the iPad is not a real computer without a DVD drive, but they adjusted with creating online cloud accounts to share files between their computers and iPads. So, when buying your next Mac Mini, MacBook Air, or another diskless Mac computer, be proud to be part of this revolutionary online process.

Or go kicking and screaming by keeping around an external DVD drive! Mon - Fri: Closed 53 East 34th Street, 3rd Fl.

Apple USB Superdrive Reviewed!

New York, NY No problem. Share this: Similar Posts You May Like. Yes, it really does, Millie.

Every new Apple product is having less and less to work with. Got something to say? A question?

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However, with literally millions of CDs and DVDs still sold every year, it would probably be useful for many Mac users to learn exactly what kind of future they should plan for when it comes to playing and writing the CDs and DVDs they may already own. Got a story?

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