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Jordan is upset when he puts his time into making a dung beetle project, but ends up only getting the huge pile of dung done. So Bernie decides to help Jordan on his next project, which turns out to be a VERY detailed model of an old building, but Bernie does all the work. Vanessa also asks Bernie to help her on her campaign, so Bernie appears as many characters in her video of why she should be allected.

It goes over so well that Vanessa asks Bernie to compete in the school talent show, to help along her campaign.

See The Kids From 'The Bernie Mac Show' 15 Years Later

Meanwhile, Jordan's project turns out great, but Bernie doesn't know that Jordan has decided to make a few extra things. He changes the roof, throws in some plastic people, and sets it on fire, laughing hysterically. Bernie trips on pieces of it, trying to put the fire out. After taking the kids to the movies, Las Vegas-bound Bernie is further delayed by scenes that grow out of what they saw there, but weren't supposed to see.

Upset after seeing Rock get preferential treatment at a doctor's office, Bernie's blood boils even more when his poker buddies fall all over his fellow comic, who drops by to tell Bernie that they will be co-hosting an awards show. That's not cool with Bernie, who maintains that back in their early days as stand-ups, Chris once told a joke on stage that Bernie had told him just moments before. The situation comes to a head when they're booked on Leno, who's unaware of the rift between the two.

Bernie uses principles of chess to check the kids' desires, but Jordan's no pawn as he moves to achieve his goal: a paintball gun! After enrolling his kids in a slew of extracurricular activities, Bernie suddenly finds his own free time disappearing when he is selected to be an activities suprvisor. Bernie's sister, Benita, comes to visit, and all havoc starts. She first tells Bryana that she cannot play Snow White in the school play because she is black.

She also buys a cell phone for Vanessa, that Bernie did not allow.

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Meanwhile, Jordan is obsessed with Benita when she walks around the house in her robe. Wanda's parents, Lloyd and Leora, visit the Mac household. Bernie and Wanda first think the visit will be good for the kids. But Lloyd and Leora start to give them more then they bargained for when hey start to criticize Bernie and Wanda's parenting skills.

Bernie and Wanda decide to let the grandparents take care of the kids and leave for several hours. When they return, Bernie and Wanda tell Lloyd and Leora how they feel and decide the best thing is for the grandparents to leave. When Vanessa finds out, she is very upset because Leora did not tell her parents that a boy kissed her. Everyone makes up and decide to leave parenting to Bernie and Wanda. Bernie finds out Jordan has never had a birthday party. He can't believe his mom never gave him one. He decides to give Jordan a very special 10th birthday.

Jordan gets excited and as he hands out the invitations at school, finds out another boy, Billy, is having a birthday party on the same day. Since Billy's birthday theme was more interesting, the kids tell Jordan they will not be going to his party. Bernie calls Billy's dad to try and work something out but Billy's dad is not very cooperative. Bernie hires a party planner and they decide to have an alien birthday party with a surprise at the end. The kids really want to know what the surprise is, so they plan on going to Jordan's party. Billy's dad calls Bernie to talk about this but Bryanna answers the phone.

Upset because Jordan was getting a better party then she did, she tells Billy's dad the surprise is an alien.

Billy's dad tells all of the kids and on the day of Jordan's party, no one shows up. Season 1. Season 3. Back to top. We use cookies to help give you a better experience on TMDb.

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The Bernie Mac Show Season 2 eps 11 Bernie Mac Rope a Dope

Taylor Lautner Aaron 22 Episodes , — 1 Episode. Lombardo Boyar — 7 Episodes. Rick Hoffman — 3 Episodes. Wade Williams — 2 Episodes. Andre Kinney — 2 Episodes. Naya Rivera — 2 Episodes. Steven Williams — 1 Episode.

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Jeffrey Bushell. Bernie feels old and won't stand for it. After the house is robbed, Bernie becomes very security-conscious and he makes the kids do things together like a family. Feeling that his kids are below-average, Bernie puts them to constant study. Meanwhile, Bernie teaches Bryana how to speak Spanish after he saw her watching TV, Jordan is having trouble trying to play "Chopsticks" on the piano, and Vanessa flunks on her math homework. Ken Whittingham. A social worker visits after Bryana uses the word " nigga " at school, having heard Uncle Bernie use it at home.

Not long before the end of this episode, Bryana calls one of her friends a "pain in the ass". Bernie is concerned that the kids are exposed to mature subjects. However, he and Wanda are supposed to have dinner with another couple. Bernie wants to go see the game, but with Wanda in the way, he has Jordan fake an asthma attack, so they could go see the game.

Bernie lets his friend Kelly stay at the house after his girlfriend, Daphne, broke up with him. The kids hope to see their mother when the family heads to Chicago for a funeral. Don Cheadle guest stars as Bernie's Cousin D. Bernie and Wanda are challenged by Matt Damon and his wife to a game of golf. Guest appearance by Lucy Lawless.

Reginald Hudlin. Bryana starts crying overnight after leaving her doll at the beach. After Bernie goes back to get it, he tells Jordan to get rid of it. Guest appearance by Ice Cube. Bernie drives Jordan to school and forces him to befriend a boy he sees. Bernie's backyard is a mess: Vanessa and her friends were doing gymnastics on his lawn; Bryana wrecked his picket fence with a stick; and Jordan was playing golf by whacking flowers with a club while saying "I am Tiger Woods!

These same kids are expecting Bernie to raise their allowances. Bernie eventually forces the kids to live in a tent and hires 3 men to help around his house. Allison Liddi. Jordan gets a pet for his science project, which makes Bryana want her own pet. Meanwhile, Jordan nastily feeds Bryana's pet mice to his pet snake, causing Bryana to get revenge on him. Michael Spiller. Bernie escorts Vanessa to a dance and publicly embarrasses her; Wanda reads Jordan and Bryana a bedtime story called "The Ant and the Ladybug" and Jordan ruins the ending for Bryana, which makes her cry like crazy.

But while watching Jordan and Bryana, a fire breaks out in the kitchen. Kevin Bray. Happy Thanksgiving from Maison Mac! While Jordan is fooling around annoying his sisters, his Indian costume rips, Jordan accidentally turns the grill knob to "LO". Bernie eats the turkey and is having three different nightmares. The first nightmare Bernie had was that he and Jordan were claymation foes, next was that a gigantic monster-looking Vanessa was on the wing of the plane because she wanted money from Bernie and he said no, and the last was that Bernie was glad that the kids said hello to them, but the next thing is, the kids turn into robots.

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Aired during the premiere of Disney's Treasure Planet. Bernie wishes that Wanda would stop being the "fun auntie" and join his side. Paul Lieberstein. Bernie's doctor warns him that he has high cholesterol and Wanda tries to get him to change his diet, but he'd rather take advice from Don Rickles. Bernie gets mad at Jordan for drawing a picture of a juggling Jesus.

Jordan and Bryana then try to protect the family from sin. Bernie offends Wanda's boss Wesley Snipes at dinner. Jordan accidentally breaks one of Bernie's African masks. Gina Prince-Bythewood. Jordan wows the girl of his dreams Alexa Vega with magic.