Adding thunderbolt to old mac pro

AlexMaximus said:. Reactions: crjackson The chipset in the computer needs to support Thunderbolt for something like this to work.

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The Mac Pro does not. Jul 29, 1, Go ahead and buy it and let us know how it goes.

Reactions: kohlson , crjackson and TheStork. Jun 15, The cards that add TB to a motherboard have an extra cable that connects to a connector on the motherboard. Reactions: handheldgames and crjackson No one has been able to add thunderbolt to an Intel x58 based system. Mac, PC or otherwise.

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Although I could be wrong. SneakyTLoD macrumors member.

Classic Mac Pro 4,1 and 5,1 Thunderbolt 3 Overview

Apr 6, 71 I shouldn't drink and get on forums. Sorry for being rude. Last edited: Sep 16, Mar 10, 8, 1, Reactions: h , barmann , crjackson and 1 other person.

What's the difference between USB-C and Thunderbolt?

Thank you very much for your detailed answer! So then this settles it. Its not a myth. This is very sad to say the least. In stock. Boots MacOS. Robinson Florida. Excellent Value, Tremendous Upgrade for boot, users, and scratch hard drives. TRIM is ok. However, as clearly stated, it does not come with any SSD's on the card. You must select and buy those separately, which is a huge advantage over integrated card solutions as it makes it very affordable and easy to replace a failed SSD or to upgrade to a larger size. Add to cart. Currently unavailable.

Works great i'd recommend this network card if your looking for a card for your hackintosh or mac pro. This solved all my on board disconnection issues on my niresh hackintosh. See All Buying Options. In Stock.

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After installing a USB 3. I can't say. What I can say is Apple is lagging like crazy on the desktop. They had a one year head-start with TB and that didn't give them all that much. At the moment Apple is stuck with laptop chips or desktop chips from Apple isn't even trying to remedy a huge issue on their platform which is available option on the GPU-front i.

Don't be fooled by the presence of physical slots. They are not all-lanes all-the-time. If the two 16x and two 4x slots on a Mac Pro are not enough, and that is a consistent complaint I read around here, then why is one 16x and one 8x on this ASUS enough? Best, Andy. It still beats everything Apple has on the desktop except the MacPro in certain situations given I think a system based on this would cost less than the iMac. This wouldn't be the MacPro replacement. As a "high end desktop system" it would be perfect. The other option would be going with a simpler Xeon-system but these tend to run away in terms of price very fast look at for example the HP Z1 vs iMac.

There are other benefits of Core vs Xeon though - more frequent updates, often a lot of bang for the buck. Currently they have their year old machine lurking along. Or an 27" MacBook Pro that requires a power cable.

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For some applications - it's perfect. For a others it very much not so.

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I'd imagine a mobile GPU will have a harder time saturating the buss seeing these are something in the lines of years behind desktop GPUs in performance, not to mention being able to have multiple GPU's which neither the iMac, MacMini or MacBook Pro handles even via TB as they should but they don't. In fairness to the iMac, you can get it with a desktop Core i -- very good performance for the money at launch. But GPU and expansibility wise it's somewhat of a mess. If you also had the option of either a consumer AMD chip as well as a consumer nVidia Chip or even a professional nVidia Chip - we'd really be rocking.

Still that's 6 months old. It's quite ridiculous to be honest. If the iMac doesn't get its Ivy Bridge bump in the next few weeks around the release of Mountain Lion, I'll be pretty surprised. They are probably coming later this year. Really, the only performance gap is the class of the GPU, right?

Once you really start going down the list of what you want in a desktop pro video work, you quickly surpass what that ASUS mobo and its peers can support.

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Those are gamer boards. They only really care about driving GPUs and not much else. So far I haven't seen a single one of anyone operating an iMac on their lap.

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Just sayin' "Before speaking out ask yourself whether your words are true, whether they are respectful and whether they are needed in our civil discussions. I thought that the new "MacPro" that was coming out this year was going to be i7 based "towers". Apple would sell a slew of them, they'd be priced right, they'd be decently powerful. From a technology perspective, it's good to know that this is possible. Pr CS6 seems to be smart enough today, but is anything else ready?